Business Books

“Freelance consulting” contains basic advice for people who have left a salaried job and wish to make their way as an independent consultant. Read it as you embark on your new career. Please contact me for a copy. 40 pages, A5, illustrated.

“Making Change Happen” is a thicker textbook, 149 pages,  illustrated by Lizzie Everard, with advice on how to implement business change. Sonja Jefferson of Valuable Content was my project manager for this writing project. You can find the book on Amazon on this link. The complete text is on Google Books at this link.

I wrote the book on “Facilitating Meetings” because people asked me for advice. It is possible to be amazingly effective as a facilitator.  This is a learned skill. Facilitating meetings is not just about standing in front and writing on the flipchart. With focus and skill, you can markedly increase the productivity of the group. This book sets out how I do this. Please contact me for a copy. 40 pages, A5. I had fun doing the illustrations. Here are some of the pages:

“Becoming an independent” was written because I have been a successful independent consultant for over 20 years, and people wanted know how they could do it too. So I wrote down how I did it, and illustrated the words with photographs.  This is my idiosyncratic view. Works for me. Read this, and discuss it, and ask other independents as well. I don’t have any copies left! You can obtain it from on this link, where you can also view pages.