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  1. I was so interested to read your article on why people ask questions. I have been aware for most of our 30 year marriage (having read Pinter!) that my husband speaks to me as though we were in a business meeting. He has used all of the tactics you describe. Of course I have ”commented” on this behaviour but until your article was never able to pin down all the relevant aspects. I have given him a copy and await comments – or probably questions. I am sure he will never change but I will try hard to address the real questions. Thanks so much.

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    1. Thank you A Vidler! I’m very glad you found the article useful.
      My general view is that it’s almost impossibly hard to change someone else’s behaviour, but what we can do is change our own reaction to it. We can also hear them differently. I guess that’s what I’m trying to say in the article.
      I learned a lot from the plays of Harold Pinter.


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